LightHawk Citation Book

Light Hawk Pro® Citation Holder




 Light Hawk Pro    Illuminated Citation Holder is 5.5 in w x 12.5 in L  made from 600 D nylon which means you get a rugged, durable citation holder to withstand the punishment of every day use.  No more bending or sharp edges like the outdated Aluminum citation holders


  The Tri-Fold design means you have the space to carry all the tickets you need in a compact file 

Can hold three citation books or note pads all at once. Holds citation books up to 11.5 inches long by 3/4 inches thick).

Spring clips securely hold the tickets in place while your writing.

I D pockets and pen holders keep you organized and efficient 





The Light bridge has 4 ultra bright LED's, powered by 4 x AAA batteries. The on/off switch is easy to activate, even with gloves on and has the perfect angle not to impede your night vision. The Light bridge can even be used as an emergency flashlight when detached from the board.

$44.95  Free Shipping     

 Lifetime  Replacement warranty. Because of the performance and durabilityLight Hawk Pro comes with a lifetime warranty on incidents where the Light Hawk / Nite Redi storage box are damaged or broken in the course of duty as a patrol officer. Must Be Returned to Manufacture with incident Details 

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